Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday!

Anna is 3.5 now and sometimes the things that come out of her mouth suprise me. Or just crack me up lol.

Yesterday on the way home from the store we saw a guy walking beside the road.

A: Mom, you see that guy!

M: Yes, I do.

A: That is dangrous (dangerous). He needs time out! You aren't supposed to walk in the road!
M: That is right baby! It is dangerous to walk in the road!

We have terrible sand gnats here. They are tiny little gnats that actually bite and they hurt! Having said that Anna loves to be outside. If she is awake she would rather be outside! After coming in from one of our many trips out (I can't take them for long lol).

A: Mom!

M: Yes

A: Those bugs were terrble! (terrible) They were biting my arms!
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  1. Love the new look!

    I love when they see adults "breaking the rules". My kids do that all of the time too.


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