Friday, November 10, 2006

16 Years Ago

It is hard to believe that 16 years ago I started dating the man that is now my husband. We were just kids in high school so young and clueless. Apparently not too clueless though cause I feel like being with him is the best choice that I have ever made. We don't always see eye to eye but we manage to work through most of it and we have a very strong relationship for it. About 4 years ago we were on the verge of a divorce because I so desperatly wanted a baby and he didn't. Somehow we managed to hang in there and well you have seen the pics of my daughter she was well worth the wait. And because we waited she is fortunate enough to have a Mommy and Daddy that have a strong and loving relationship. I am very happy we waited because it wouldn't have been as much fun if her Daddy hadn't been as thrilled as I was.
My philosophy on marriage is that it takes 2 people and a ton of work and if one of you isn't willing to pick up a little of the slack when the other one needs it then you are in trouble. During the days of our trouble neither of us could help carry the other and it was hard on our relationship. Finally, I don't really know what turned it around for us I think I stopped nagging him about a baby and he started feeling less pressure. There is always going to be one of you that needs something extra - so the other partner has to be willing to give that extra. And it can't always be the same person it has to be a give and take relationship. Compromise is huge too so don't forget that part of it.

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  1. Amen sister. Marriage is all about give and take. Mostly give, honestly. You both give and give.


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