Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have writers block!!!

My life has been full. Full of fun, full of learning, full of things to do, full of love, just plain old full! I haven't really been blogging much besides pictures because I have been to busy living my life. In one way I have really missed blogging. I have great ideas for a post and then I get busy again and poof it is gone. So instead of a lovely witty post you get my day!

Anna and I went to the park this morning. We had a great time with friends. Anna played hard and is now napping hard. YAY! She learned today that throwing rocks isn't a good idea! I don't know why she and her little friend thought it would be fun to throw rocks at each other. Anna (who has a great throw) threw one right into her friends head. Luckily it was a little rock and it hurt but it didn't bust her head or anything. My daughter looked so pleased with herself. I think she was thinking "yeah, I can really throw good!" I had to explain that throwing rocks was a very bad idea. So they went and started jumping up and down trying to tear leaves out of one of the tall trees! They also pushed each other on the swings, rode bikes together (even sharing each others) and played together beautifully!

After nap I hope to go out and get some work done in the back yard cause let me tell you it is NOT pretty!!! My weeds are growing to high and I still have stacks of pine straw where I raked them up and never took them out. Maybe I will post pictures if I can get enough done. I might even go get started on it while Anna finishes her nap. That is if I can get out the door without waking her up. She seems to have a radar that tells her when a door is opened while sleeping! It is crazy!

So I hope you are full and happy! See ya when I see ya! Probably tomorrow but maybe Monday!!!

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