Thursday, April 02, 2009


It is not always a fun job. It is not always an entertaining job. It is NEVER an easy job! But it is a rewarding job. Over the past few days/weeks I have seen Anna growing so much. The way she talks is changing and the way she acts with people well lets just say it is short of a miracle.

She is actually talking to some of the guys at church that before she would act all coy with. She has even given a few high fives! They have been working on that day for a very long time. She is learning proper english so her sentences don't sound as wacky as they did before. (Her studder is all gone too!) Best of all I have been successful at teaching her manners! That was very important to me and it is so rewarding to know that it has paid off! She says please and thank you like it is natural to her. Unless of course she is being shy and won't say anything! She says Ms. and Mr. not always right but she gets it in there most of the time. Today between her few little temper tantrums she has been such an amazing little girl. She came in and saw me doing the dishes and she brought her chair over and grabbed the silver ware and started putting them up! I mean, wow!!! I was just so impressed with that. So her reward was to do the Cha Cha Slide (her favorite dance ever lol). She loved it. Today we have also started doing a puzzle. It isn't a kids puzzle, it is a 550 piece puzzle. She is loving it. We have done the outer edges and now are working on the center. I thought I would share a picture with you guys!
Having a baby changes everything! Having a little girl (or boy) changes everything too. You learn things when they are a baby and then it goes out the window as they grow. Life is ever changing and I find that I am enjoying that! New challenges, new joys, new frustrations, new sorrows (like not being called Mommy any more!) Everything is new again!


  1. We're into puzzles around here, too!! They LOVE them.

  2. How cool that she has learned so much! I know it feels so good to know that the things you have been working on with her, are becoming natural for her. And I can't believe she's trying to help with a big puzzle. That takes so much patience.


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