Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Works for me Wednesday

I love me some mashed potatoes! I have been making them for years. I feel like I make pretty good potatoes but over the years I have found different ways to tweak it to make it even better. Watching Rachel Ray one day I saw that she saved some starch water from her pasta and added it back into whatever she was preparing. I thought hmmm, I wonder if you could do that with potatoes? So here is what I do with my mashed potatoes:

  • Peal and dice potatoes (however many you think you need)
  • Cover with water and add salt
  • Bring to boil (cook until potatoes are very soft and crumbly)
  • Pour out some of the water and then pour a little into the bowl you will be mashing them in. Drain the rest off.
  • Add the potatoes to the bowl and then add butter. How much depends on how many potatoes you use. I typically do about 3 - 4 pounds of potatoes so I use 3/4 a stick of butter.
  • Occasionally, I will add a scoop of sour cream.
  • Add pepper and if it needs more salt.
  • Mash it all together and voila! (I use one of those hand held mashers or you can use your blender.)

I have tried several different ways of making them and this is the best (to me). It really doesn't take that long to do either. The longest part is the pealing. If you use low fat options for butter and sour cream if you add it it really isn't a terrible dish fat wise either.

If you have a great idea go HERE to share it or you can find other wonderful tips there as well!


  1. I use red potatoes because I'm lazy and don't like to peel. I love mashed potatoes, yum!

  2. I love mashed potatoes! I put mayo in mine, and it's delicious!

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