Friday, February 06, 2009

Childhood Memories - Grandma's house

I went to my Grandma's house earlier in the week and let me tell you that brought back memories.

  • We would ride through the pastures a lot. Sometimes on tailgates and sometimes on a trailer behind the truck. One time I was on the trailer sitting indian style. We hit a HUGE bump! I bounced up in the air at least a foot and landed back down indian style. I wanted to do it again!

  • Another time I was with my cousins. My little cousin Joey bounced off the tailgate and landed face first in the dirt. It didn't take him but a second to jump up and run to catch up to the truck.
  • We would walk through the same pasture trying to find arrow heads. My cousin that lived there would find them all the time. I never did! It was fun to look though. I always pretended we were walking the Trail of Tears or something.
  • We use to help my great uncle pick watermelons and different things. That was a lot of work but it was still fun. Just doing it together with cousins made it fun.
  • I remember laying out in the sun at my Grandma's house as I got older. I would take a ton of books and spent most of my time out there reading.
  • Oh and we did bond fires. Not so much in the summer but still. We would roast marshmallows and just hang out by the fire.
  • We would go swimming at a pond on my uncles land. That was fun then but now I wonder how I could do it - gross lol. I remember when I was probably 13 I had a swimsuit that had a string around the top. I was standing in the water waiting on everyone to get in and a fish grabbed my string and tried to swim away. I think that was one of the last times I got in there lol.
  • We would go into one of the bedrooms to play at night sometimes and my older cousin Cassie would tell us ghost stories about our Great Grandmother's house across the street. It was empty and run down so the stories seemed to fit it. She would say if you stay up until midnight you would hear chains going from room to room. Or sometimes you would see a light going from room to room. It really creeped me out lol.
  • Games! We played tons of games at Grandma's house. We played outside on a warm night a game that I have no idea what it is called but it was like a hide and seek game. We would say "Ain't no burglars out tonight, Grandma killed them all last night." Then we would walk around and see if we could find anyone. My brother was the best at this game. He would get in crazy places and then he would jump out and scare the pee right out of you!
  • We played another game inside when the adults were playing cards it was some kind of murder game. Can't remember what we called it lol. Basically you would use certain cards out of the deck and if you got one card like the ace you were the detective. If you got the joker you were the killer and you had to tap someone when the lights went out and they would be dead. The detective had to figure out by asking questions who did it.
  • We would also play with the adults. Canasta, Hand and Foot Canasta, Liverpool Rummy and I don't remember what else but we were always playing cards. I would also play a lot of Yahtzee with Grandma.
  • There was always something to do at Grandma's house. We climbed on the hay and ran around throwing berries at each other. It didn't matter what we did because we were together with cousins and family and outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Other than playing those games I really can't remember being inside. Well, of course to sleep because I require a lot of sleep lol.

I did a post earlier in the week of some of my Grandma's memories. Go HERE to check that out or go HERE to see more memories.


  1. Loved all your memories - grandparents' houses are so neat, and I'm glad you can still go back to yours. I remember bouncing along in the back of a pickup truck - that's probably illegal now, huh?
    Congrats too on 8 lb - wow!! I've lost that much, but it's taken me since Nov. You go, girl!!
    Thanks for playing along with the memories. I love them!

  2. Memories of childhood are so special! I remember quite a few ponds I got in as a child, that I wouldn't now, lol!


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