Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Born in 1918

Annie Lottie Battle Lee was born January 3, 1918 in Schley County, GA. She is now 91 years old. Her mind and body are failing her and her childhood is never far from her mind.

She was born in a jail house. The daughter of a sheriff / gentleman farmer and a school teacher. For the winter months they lived in the jail house and the summertime they would live in the country on the farm. She had a handful of siblings and numerous friends both in the city and the country. Her idea of fun back in the day was a country dance at her parents home. They would remove all the furniture from one of the rooms and have chairs for a few guys to play guitars and violins or whatever and the rest would dance, laugh and talk. She also enjoyed going fishing with one of her brothers. Her mom wouldn't let her go to the creek where neighbors might see them (if it was on a Sunday). She insisted instead they walk through the woods to a creek no one would see them at. She seemed to think they might be against it because you weren't supposed to work on a Sunday but in Grandma's eyes that was all fun!

Her mom also curled her hair daily. She kept telling Anna how lucky she is that I only comb it and pull it up or braid it. She was tortured daily for the sake of big curls. I bet they were pretty though!

She remembers guys that would bring planes to open fields and would sale rides. If you have ever seen Divine Secrets of Ya Ya Sisterhood that is what it all sounded like.

She talked about out living almost all of her siblings and most of the other families in the area. I can't imagine how lonely that must feel. She said she wonders what purpose God still has for her, that He would keep her here for so long. I know He is keeping her here for me and all of the other grandchildren and great grands. I don't get to see her often enough but I love knowing she is there. I found myself more often than not over the past few days wanting to really open up to her. I know that her life has been full. She has done some things right and some things wrong, it makes it easier to want to talk to her.

I feel so blessed to have had my grandma around for so long. I wanted to document some of what she remembers for Anna to have.

Anna enjoyed our visit with Grandma this time. She was only frustrated when Grandma couldn't get in the floor to play games with her. I think it delighted Grandma that Anna wanted to play games so much. Grandma LOVES playing games. Any kind of game really. We played Dominoes and Anna did very well with it. That tickled Grandma. I am sure she is thinking ha she gets it from me! Anna is a little freaked out by Grandma's wheelchair. She kept worrying that Grandma was going to run over her. I don't know where this fear came from. Today before we left she helped move the wheel chair while Grandma was in it which seemed to relax her a little. Anna loved her recliner chair that lifts. Anna thought having a remote for a chair was the coolest thing ever! Grandma even let her lift her and move her all about for 10 or 15 minutes!


  1. You told her story so beautifully. What a great testament to such an interesting life.

  2. what an awesome lady!

  3. My dad was born in 1909 and my mom in 1923. They are both gone on now, and I miss them a lot. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Definitely learn all you can from your grandma. There are s many things now that I wish I had asked my parents. Your grandma sounds like an awesome lady!


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