Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Trials and Tribulations!

Saturday, the day of Anna's party, I woke up and went to get gas and a few things for the party. I went back out to the car after finishing my shopping to discover a big puddle of gasoline under my car. I called Chris and I just wanted to cry. I felt like a black cloud was hanging over my head. It was a long week last week and that was like the last straw. Chris and his Dad came out and sent me home with his Dad's car so that I could get the ice cream out of the 90+ degrees. I cried half the way home praying that God would make me stronger. That the day was all about Anna and I needed to let the rest go. After I got my very soft ice cream put away I took on Chris's duties. I cut the front yard while Chris's Mom put mulch down in the front flower bed. Anna was helping her with that. In the mean time back at wal-mart the wrecker had arrived but refused to tow the car because it had a gas leak. This just strikes me as funny since they were told that before they were sent out. Anyway, they said they had to get approval from a fire dept before they would tow it. The Lord stepped in and he put a fire truck on the scene. (They do a lot of shopping there.) They drove the truck over with the lights on and all 4 guys got out and assessed the situation. They told the tow truck driver that it would be fine for him to tow. (I really hate I missed all of that excitement lol). He finally got it towed and to the car shop were we later found out it was only a bad gas line. Praise God!!! Chris came home and our friend Jason came over. They got the back yard cleaned up, the new pool blown up and full of water and table and chairs out. The party came together because of the joint effort of friends and family. Thank you all for your efforts and support!!!

As for the other stuff last week it was drama with friends. I won't go into the details but lets just say it was like revisiting high school. Chris and I have also been having our fair share of trouble. The financial kind, YUCK! We are going to move forward with our plan to sale the house and move somewhere smaller. Keeping the house is not worth all of the stress and strain it is creating. I have felt like I was drowning and lost and alone for so long now it isn't funny. I tend to forget that there are people out there that love me and will support me through hard times. Chris is included in that list. I shouldered the burden for a while and kept Chris in the dark. I just didn't want him to be disappointed or angry with me. All along it would have been so much better if we had been working together.


  1. Sorry you had problems with your car. I totally understand that. If you are having a lot of drama with friends, then maybe they aren't really true friends. Either way, I hope it gets better for you. The Lord will provide!

  2. Sounds like you are on the right path now. Look forward to the good times to come! And remember, God gives us trials and tribs to make us the people He knows we can become.


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