Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here I am!!!

We have had a lovely time this past weekend. Anna and I ended up going to the lake with my parents. Chris had a lot of work to do so he couldn't go with us. It was nice although my parents little rat dog terrorized Anna. She liked their hot dogs. She likes sleeping on the "bus" (RV) and loved picnicing for all of our meals. She even enjoyed swimming in the lake although it kinda grossed me out lol. We smelled like wet dogs when we got out of it yuck! My parents were nice and we just enjoyed a little visit. My Dad had a blast playing with Anna in the lake and watching her learn to ride her new "bike" (tricycle). She is pretty efficient at it now although up hill still poses a challenge.

I feel a little more at ease. A little less crazy lol. All of the calmness of the lake eased some of my tensions. The fact that Anna had fun helped too. I don't know why my happiness is so tied into hers but it really is. If she is sad or upset, I am too. If she is happy and excited, I am too. She is my world.

We went to the pool today with some friends. One of her sons is playing football for the first time ever and he is struggling with it. He got tackled or had to tackle for the first time the other day and he didn't like it. He doesn't want to continue but she wants him to at least make it this one season even if he never plays again. We were talking about how he is over thinking things. You know what I mean, he is focusing on all of the "what ifs". I tend to do that very same thing. It doesn't matter what the situation the what ifs work their way into my head. My goal is to shut that part of me off lol. You would think they would keep me out of trouble but nope nu uh. Anyway, I just wanted to update you all and let you know that I am still around.

We are preparing for a visit by Fay. She isn't going to visit us directly but we will see a lot of her "charms" if you will. We are expecting a lot of rain and winds upwards to 45 miles per hour. It shouldn't be to bad here but they say we can expect to lose power and have some flooding. I pray that it won't take any more lives and that we won't have a lot of damage from it.


  1. Glad to hear the lake made you feel a little better. I, too, struggle with the Possibilities of the future. It has always been my demond to say--what if this or that. It is so hard to turn that off. You're not alone there.

    Hope you guys get through Fay okay!

  2. I'm glad some relaxation and fun made you feel better. I hope the storm is not too bad where you are. Stay safe and Smile!


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