Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy Birthday My Sweet Anna

I cannot believe that you are 3 years old. It was just yesterday that my doctor said "Lets do a c-section on August 3rd." The past 3 years have been so much more than I ever imagined! You are truly the light of my life. You bring so much joy and wonder into my world. I only hope that I do the same for you.

Lets see if we can recap the year. When you turned 2 you were so grown up to me lol. I think it is funny how at each stage we think much the same thing. You continue to grow and learn at a speed that is crazy. Anyway, when you turned 2 you were using small sentences, running and playing. You were of course beautiful! During the course of the past year your sentences have turned into long complicated ones. You are using your verbs correctly for the most part and you astound me with some of the things that come out of your mouth. You have learned to run faster and to jump with both feet coming off the ground. You not only play beside your friends but with them (which I think is very cool!) You are potty trained even at night for the most part! This is my favorite newly aqcuired skill lol. You will even go do it all by yourself. One of your favorite sentences happens to be "I do it myself"! This summer you got to take swimming lessons. You can now swim underwater! You can throw a ball better than most of the other kiddos we hang out with and you are starting to get the hang of catching. You love to play with your babies. You are so nurturing and loving with them. You are starting to pretend a lot more now which I love to see. You enjoy taking pictures and are actually pretty good at it. I love that you are creative and eager to learn new skills!

Some of your favorites:

Favorite food: dessert lol if that isn't an option pizza

Favorite movie: Jungle Book

Favorite tv show: Dragon Tales

Favorite outdoor activity: Swimming

Favorite indoor activity: vacuuming or playing dolls or reading

Favorite time of day: morning

Favorite lunch: Sandwich (it isn't lunch if it isn't a sandwich!)

Favorite item in your room: Your fish tank and 4 goldfish

Favorite friends: Allie and Brooks

Favorite person in church: Ms. Lisa Stephens (Sunday School Teacher)

Favorite outfit: Your Koukyla (sp?) shirt it means doll baby in Greek

Life has been challenging this year. Between the temper tantrums that would crop up on occassion to that stubborn streak in you that comes out, we have kept things interesting. Oh and we can't forget your impatience (I don't know where you get that from ;)) All of our struggles are nothing compared to the joy you bring us. You make us laugh when we are down. You do something silly when you know I am feeling sad or you will come snuggle up for some lovin if you think that is what I need. You are incredibly intuitive for such a little person. You are not only that way with me and your Daddy but with your friends and others. I admire that quality in you. I also admire how observant you are. You remember locations and details that amaze me because I am terrible with that stuff! You obviously get that from your Daddy. You are still a Mama's girl. You had me sit on the steps at the pool during swimming lessons. It helped you feel confident enough or safe enough to go in and do your thing. Although you are closer to your Daddy than ever. I love to watch you guys playing video games or playing ball together. You always laugh and have such fun! You are a shy girl until you get to know someone then you can talk a mile a minute.

I thank God daily for bringing you into my life. You are such a wonderful blessing.


  1. So sweet! Happy B-day!! I hope the party was a success!

  2. That's crazy. 3 years old? Not allowed. That means Ben isn't too far behind. Oh man.

    I hope you had a wonderful day with your no-so-little-anymore girl.

  3. Happy Birthday, Anna!!!!

  4. I know I'm late, but I wanted to wish Anna a Very Happy Birthday. You are a gorgeous little girl!


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