Saturday, January 27, 2007

No Sweeter Sound!!!

Have you ever heard a sweeter sound than the laughter of Daddy and Daughter twisting and mixing together. Because I just have to say I haven't!!! Anna was doing tubby time and her Daddy was kind enough to finish it up so that I could do a few other things. They had so much fun it made my heart swell. They are still having fun. Playing and laughing and wrestling around. I love my family so much!!! They are the most important thing in the world to me!!!

I have never told you about the first time Anna blessed us with her laughter. It was Christmas time and I was watching White Christmas with her Daddy. Well if you have ever seen White Christmas you will now the scene where they are on the train and sing the snow song. Well, I was attempting to make the chuga chuga train sound to Anna. Well apparently this was the funniest sound ever because Anna busted out with this rolling belly laugh! It was a very sweet moment for me! It is hard to believe that was over a year ago.

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