Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thank you Anna!!!

Have you ever thought about how much we depend on our children? It seems like we bring this little baby into the world and they depend solely on us for EVERYTHING. Well, since I lost my job I have discovered how much I depend on Anna. She brings joy and laughter into my life when everything else seems blah. She keeps me grounded and focused. It seems wrong to take so much from my little girl but she gives it willingly. She offers up hugs and kisses, smiles and giggles without my ever asking for it. She is a gem ~ one that I hope will grow up and know that she is loved and cherished and so very appreciated!!! I thank GOD for her everyday and I hope that I can be worthy of such an amazing gift!

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  1. Daddy/Honey8:43 PM

    Why would you hope that you are worthy? You have been and will always be worthy of plenty of happiness and love.

    Luvs you!


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