Thursday, October 19, 2006

My poor baby!

So yesterday I got a call at work that I needed to pick up Anna. She has a fever of 101.6. So I dash over to get her and bring her home. We spend a restless night with temps up to 102.5 under the arm. I get up and call the doc to set an appt. Take her in at 9:30 and find out it is just a viral infection. Causing crazy temps and a terrible rash of sorts all over her body. So we get home and give her some Motrin and she nurses and then naps. She wakes up and her lip is blowing up like a balloon!!! I am freakin out - this has never happened before and it isn't supposed to happen to my baby. I call the doctors office and it is closed for lunch so the nurse says hold ice on it for 20 minutes haha have any of you ever tried to hold ice on a 14 month olds lip - not going to happen. So we hang in there and go visit our neighbor cause I was freakin out and we visit for a while and Thank the Good Lord her lip started going down. Unfortunately her eye is still a little swollen but it isn't bad. I hope that it will go down soon. Her fever did break during her 2.5 hour nap and the rash seems to be gone. Having a sick baby is no fun!!!

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