Thursday, January 07, 2010

#1 Favorite Christmas Memory

I left a memory out yesterday. It is so special it deserved its own post!!!

The week leading up to Christmas I had Anna and Chris at home with me. Chris was in between jobs and Anna was out on Christmas break. Anna and I bought Chris a little something even though he and I weren't getting each other something. I wanted Anna to get him a little something. Anyway, I was in the floor doing the last of my wrapping including the present for Chris and several other things. Anna said, "Mama, where is your present". I told her that I wasn't wrapping one for myself. She said "OK , wait a minute" with her little mischieveous smile. She went behind the tree, took a present out of a gift bag that I hadn't closed up. She grabbed a Santa from the Polar Express movie that my Mom gave her a year or 2 ago and she put it in the bag. She then came and got the tape and proceeded to tape up the bag! She did it very efficiently going all across the top so that I couldn't peak! lol She then came around the tree and said "I got you a special present Mama." She has no idea that SHE is my special present!!! All I need is her and her Daddy! I didn't need a present but the thoughtfulness of that gesture really touched me. God has blessed me with a very precious little girl!!!

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