Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Camp

I haven't done summer camp since I was a teenager. This year our church decided to do a Family Camp and I was excited. The closer it got to it the more I worried about how it would be at camp with a 4 year old. I worried so much that I toyed with the idea of backing out. However, the side of me that likes to have fun just couldn't do that. We left on Wednesday morning. It turned out to be mostly teenagers and their parents and people with smaller children. There were a hand full of adults without children or with older children. We had a great time.

We slept on bunk beds and watched the teenagers play pranks on each other. The preacher even got in on that! I had told my friend Denise about pranks we did like underwear up the flag pole and vaseline on the toilet seats. Thursday afternoon Denise had to GO so she went in the girls dorm. (We had moved out to a neutral dorm so we wouldn't be caught in the cross fire of the "war".) She went in and well lets just say she discovered that vaseline is still used as a prank at camp lol. She had never been to camp before and now she has been crissened, lol.

We had a talent show, I got to be the hostess. That was a ton of fun. If you are my friend on facebook you can see a few clips! We had devotionals together, time to bond with adults while the teenagers entertained the little ones. We had a camp fire and s'mores. The teenagers had a shaving cream fight and we had 2 teams that had a eating challenge. You know the kind where you get the nastiest stuff you can find and see who can eat it the fastest lol.

The best things about camp was that we made stronger friendships, we drew closer to our God, we started understanding each other a little more. If you ever have a chance to do Family Camp be the first one to sign up!!! It is well worth it!

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  1. It sounds like y'all had a lot of fun! Great pictures! I love the hair!


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